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  • De-commissioning back-boilers?

    A backboiler behind a real fire (or box-tank behind a gas fire) works by recovering heat from flue gases, said heat then being used to pre-heat a HW tank or radiator. Decommissioning such back boilers (or either type) must be done correctly. Immediate risk - explosion Water left in the tank which can not circulate or vent will superheatLearn More

  • Baxi Bermuda Gas Fire for sale in UK | View 60 bargains

    Used, BAXI BERMUDA PW2 S2 & W2 GAS FIRE CONTROL KN Baxi bermuda pw2 s2 & w2 gas fire control knob. Just a few stains on wooden top shelf which can be easily sanded and revarnished. baxi bermuda with back boiler and fittings, fully working, absolutely top condition, very little use, removed from holiday home, collection only.Learn More

  • What kind of gas fire is suitable after old back boiler

    Your chimney will have had a flue liner dropped down it for the back boiler. This liner will need to be removed/replaced for your new fire depending on what type of fire you fit. Most likely your new gas fire will need the liner removed and the flue tested for soundness. …Learn More

  • Baxi 551 | Screwfix Community Forum

    Dec 15, 2009 · The Baxi 551 is one of the older back boilers. The new baxi fire fronts are not compatible with it. There are apparently new Baxi condensing back boilers available but to be honest it would probably be cheaper to install a wall mounted boiler & a seperate fire.Learn More

  • BAXI bermuda back boiler - time to upgrade ? | DIYnot Forums

    Dec 05, 2019 · We have a BAXI bermuda back boiler and fireplace, with a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard and cold and expansion tanks in the loft. Me and my wife discussed about changing the boiler, but at the time we decided that we would keep it as it seems to be working fine (for the most part!), and so we purchasd an electric shower to go in the Learn More

  • Back Boiler Guide | Advice on Replacement, Repair and

    Jan 04, 2020 · Back boilers are a form of 'heat only' boiler found mostly in 1960s/1970s homes. They are located in the fireplace and use the brick chimney to flue their gases out of the property. Back boilers work on open vented systems often with a gravity fed hot water system. Most are accompanied by a gas fire. Under new condensing efficiency Learn More

  • Back boiler - Park Home Forum - Tapatalk

    Aug 12, 2017 · The existing gas fire and back boiler will be removed along with any associated water tanks etc and then the new combi boiler will be installed in the most appropriate position. How long this takes will depend largely upon the quantity and length of all the new pipework etc that has to be configured and installed - if memory serves me correct Learn More

  • To be left with the user Glow-worm 56/3e Back Boiler Unit

    Gas Fire Front, see Table 1. This boiler is NOT suitable for fitting to a precast flues. The boiler is delivered in one pack which contains all the parts necessary for the installation. If installing the back boiler unit and fire front at the same time please read both sets of instructions before starting. 1 …Learn More

  • Back Boiler Replacement Guide 2021 - HomeSage

    Jul 16, 2020 · Back boilers really came into fashion back in the 1960s.They are boilers which are designed to fit behind a living room fireplace in order to save space.. They are no longer readily available and, if you need to replace yours, an installer will usually recommend that you opt for a replacement boiler fuelled by gas.. There are many different options open to you if this is the case but it can be Learn More

  • Dealing with an old gas fire and what to replace it with

    Feb 21, 2014 · This gas fire is in a house my son and I have refurbished. It has never been used or attempted to be used in the time he had owned the property (~2 years). I presume it is a Baxi Bermuda as the control on the top says so (see photograph) but no other words on it as and it may have a back boiler, as water pipes (disconnected before his house Learn More

  • Fireplace FAQs - Stoves | Plumbing | Heating | Gas Cookers

    Hearths with no expansion joints are only suitable for Gas / Electric fires and stoves. I have a solid fuel back boiler in my fireplace, what fireplace can I choose? If you have a back boiler, which is in use, then your fireplace design may be somewhat restricted. This is due to the fact that some back boilers may protrude out from the opening.Learn More

  • Removing an Old Back Boiler - Kezzabeth | DIY & Renovation

    Jul 29, 2016 · We had a back boiler system removed and had all new central heating system out in. But have been left with a large ugly hole and like your experience suspect brickwork. I wanted to ask about the old pipework… we have the old copper gas and water pipes poking out tge inside and outside of the fire place.Learn More

  • What fire front can I get to go on an old Back boiler

    Sep 22, 2011 · But we are stuck with a ugly fire. We have an old original Baxa I think back boiler, We haven't the funds yet for a new combi boiler so we are just wondering if there are any fire fronts which look more modern and tidy that can go onto the back boiler.Learn More

  • Baxi Gas Fire for sale in UK | 64 used Baxi Gas Fires

    Baxi Wentworth Classic Gas Fire. Baxi Wentworth Classic Gas Fire. used baxi gas fire condition is "for parts or not working". baxi gas fire, without baxi back boiler(the back boiler is not included in this sale), just the gas fire. If there is likely to be a problem with this please notify me as soon as possibleLearn More

  • I have an old baxi bermuda gf super gas fire which was

    Sep 29, 2012 · My home has installed a Baxi Bermuda inset back boiler and a decorative gas fire front. The installation was in 1996. The equipment numbers are Boiler G.C.N 37 077 31 /41 and Decorative Fire …Learn More

  • Gas Fires for Back boiler | DIYnot Forums

    Sep 03, 2019 · - buy another back boiler type fire. (and these all seem to be very large ugly things !) - tear out fire and back boiler system and replace with combi boiler/new fore etc etc etec = expensive and quite disruptive Any advice would help. Would prefer a smaller, inset type gas fire that doesnt take up as much space and looks a bit more moder. jimLearn More

  • Replacement gas/electric fire for a baxi back boiler

    Nov 26, 2012 · The gas fire is faulty but Baxi no longer make a replacement and suggest that I replace the back boiler and incorporate a Valor electric fire. The total cost of replacement including flue and labour is estimated at around 4k. As the boiler is working OK it seems a big step to take just to replace the fire. I am advised by Baxi that I cannot Learn More

  • Replace Baxi Firefront | Screwfix Community Forum

    Oct 13, 2008 · We have an old Baxi 552 back boiler with a nasty looking fire front attached. We want to replace the fire front with something nicer looking. I like the simplicity of the boiler and consider the "savings" made by replacing with a new condensing boiler to be a false economy as I can imagine any new boiler fitted not to last as long as our Baxi.Learn More

  • How Messy Is Removing A Back Boiler? Back Boiler Removal

    Jan 08, 2020 · Removing back boilers with a gas fire will cause health benefits and ensure you are gas safe. Old Back boilers are Illegal. Old back boilers with gas fires as central heating systems are now illegal. If you really loved your gas fire and back boiler, it is legal to have a new one fitted as long as the old back boiler is removed and replaced.Learn More

  • Baxi 551 | Screwfix Community Forum

    Dec 15, 2009 · The Baxi 551 is one of the older back boilers. The new baxi fire fronts are not compatible with it. There are apparently new Baxi condensing back boilers available but to be honest it would probably be cheaper to install a wall mounted boiler & a seperate fire.Learn More